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Friday, July 19, 2013

Grind Pulp Podcast Episode 05 – Herbie Melon and the Spires of Doom

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Grind Pulp Podcast Episode 05 – Herbie Melon and the Spires of Doom

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James Malone made it back to the show after safely returning from Ecuador, where he spent the past several weeks on an intense spelunking and guano collecting expedition.

In this episode Andrew, James and Jeronimo discuss three intriguing short stories.


1. “Dilapidated Islands” by Jonathan Woods in Bad Juju and Other Tales of Madness and Mayhem

2. “Grocery List” by Tom Pitts, featured in Crimefactory Issue #13

3. “Blood for the Vampire Dead” by Robert Leslie Bellum featured in The Pulp Fiction MegaPack: 25 Classic Pulp Stories

James gives his thoughts on the short story, “Bad Juju” and discusses the main character, who reminds him of the stunning and sexy Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) on USA Network’s “Burn Notice.”


Scanners – 1981 – David Cronenberg

The Brotherhood of the Wolf – 2001 – Christophe Gans

The Raid Redemption – 2011 – Gareth Evans

In addition, Geronimo gives his lackluster feelings towards the recent “Superman: Man of Steel” release, and Andrew announces an upcoming format change.

Supplemental Info:
The character from “Grocery Run” reminded Jeronimo of the main character from Chad Kultgen’s novels: The Average American Male and The Average American Marriage.

Watching the fight scenes from The Raid: Redemption reminded him of The Protector starring Tony Jaa. Go to YouTube and check out this clip from the stairway fight scene for a taste of that movie’s awesomeness.

And for conspiracy theorist types check out these articles on supposed U.S. Military involvement in psychic phenomena with Project Stargate and Pentagon Witches. Crazy shit that might actually be true.

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