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Friday, October 11, 2013

Grind Pulp Podcast Episode 09 - Biker Bloodbath Bonanza

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Make way for the Impalers as Andrew Crevier and Jeronimo Brown get their hands dirty with chain grease and sacred blood. We talk three biker short stories and our feature film, “Dear God No!” A mountain of coke can’t get in our way. This is Grind Pulp Podcast! Get ready to run for cover as we lay waste to doomsday dickwads with napalm ejectors and plasma grenades.


1. Red Hair and Black Leather - Jordan Harper
2. Black Night in Hades - Mike O’Connor
3. Throttle - Joe Hill and Stephen King

Feature Presentation:
Dear God No! - directed by James Bickert

Check back soon for free ski-ball tickets redeemable for your favorite Slurpie. Lawn Jarts and an IROC-Z competition will held for all survivors of the Octopolypse.


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