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Sunday, October 13, 2013

GRIND PULP PODCAST - Episode 10 - Iahnian Maids, Mexican Grenades, and Machete Blades

Tequila, Cervesa, and Machetes abound in this 10th episode of the GRIND PULP PODCAST. We've hit a decade! Go rate us and subscribe via itunes.

Short Stories:
1. The Tale of the Baron's Tribute - Derrick Ferguson
2. Father Dukes - discovered by Bart Lessard
3. Blood and Tacos - discovered by Johnny Shaw

Double Feature


  1. Thanks for giving Blood & Tacos a read and a mention. Fun show. While Chingon is my character, Father Dukes is all Bart Lessard. People should check his stuff out. His novel, Rakehell, is one of the best things I read this year. Thanks again for the support.

    1. Yeah, caught that gaff and will mention on the next episode. We're Blood & Tacos pushers. I think Blood & Tacos stories have been mentioned in three or four episodes of Grind Pulp Podcast. We look forward to the next Blood & Tacos release.

    2. Thanks, man. We really appreciate it.

      B&T should be expanding next year. This year we introduced our own Podcast (essentially audio editions of the stories, including Chingon), an android phone app (Choose Your Own Fiasco), and just this week, the print edition of the first four issues. All at the website. Next year, we're gearing up for our book imprint, essentially novella length stories with some of the characters that have appeared in the issues and some new characters. Got some great writers working on it. And if I can get the time, I'm going to finish my Chingon adventure: Oaxacalypse!

      Thanks again. I'll do my best to send some traffic to your podcast, too.