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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Grind Pulp Podcast Episode 13.5 - 47 Ronin vs. 13 Assassins

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What did the Grind Pulp Podcast crew think of 47 Ronin?
This episode should have been to you a week ago, but due to working people problems that you probably don’t want to hear about, it got delayed. Don’t fret; part of the reason this episode was delayed was that we decided to get 13 Assassins thrown into the mix. What was supposed to be a short, on the spot, quick review of 47 Ronin, became Episode 13.5 – 47 Ronin vs. 13 Assassins, AKA 47 Ronin Enter…
We didn’t discuss any short stories for this episode. Blade of Dishonor Part I, by Thomas Pluck, will be covered in an upcoming episode. Enjoy!

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