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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

GRIND PULP PODCAST Episode 17 - Epic Rambo Podcast

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Manga Matt's now covering the show notes. Here's his first go:
Grind Pulp Podcast 17:  The Rotund Rambo Saga Runthrough.
For this entry, we go through the entire library of Rambo movies and present three stories fitting the theme of everyone’s favorite one-man commando, John Rambo.  MangaMatt gushes over a series, “Blood Blockade Battlefront”.  Jeronimo then regales with his regard to the remake of “Total Recall”.  Afterwards, Andrew gives a rigamarole about “Return of the Living Dead” 1 and 2. Great stories and movies to keep the blood moving.  Preventing coagulation with lots of conflagration.
1.     “Richard Stark’s Parker: Slayground” by Darwyn Cook
2.     “John Rain: Blood Debts” by Tom Saxon
3.     “Blade of Dishonor Part 3: The Shadow Shogun” by Thomas Pluck
Feature Films:
1.     First Blood (1982)
2.     Rambo: First Blood Part 2 (1985)
3.     Rambo 3 (1988)
4.     John Rambo (2008)      
     [Come back soon for our next episode. We'll be talking BLACK DYNAMITE!]

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