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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Grind Pulp Podcast Episode 30.5 - Space Race

Pairing with "Attack the Block,” the short stories this time around deal with conflicts surrounding the topic of race juxtaposed with the ugliness that racial prejudice can bring out in people. Andrew's pick is a Neo-Pulp adventure in the vain of Conan meets Flash Gordon, where we see what lies within the "Lost Vaults of Mars.”  Sometimes the cost of everything is everything as we get into a heavy discussion of race and politics when talking about "Space Traders.”  MangaMatt closes the episode with a Kickstarter-funded horror-action comic pitting a down and out baseball team against a town of demonic derelicts in "Sullivan's Sluggers".

Story Picks:

The Lost Vaults of Mars by: Steve Dilks from Lost Winds of Mars

The Space Traders by: Derrick Bell

Sullivan's Sluggers by: Mark Andrew Smith and James Stokoe

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