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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Grind Pulp FICTION Podcast Episode 36.5 - The Barbarian Mouse of Asshtar

Skeletron says, "SUBSCRIBE OR DIE!"
Actually, Skeletron doesn't say anything, ever.

Returning once again from an alternate reality where the 80s are the only decade that mattered, because mankind never saw beyond 1987, are the three purveyors of pulpy pleasure. The stories were all picked to go along with Turbo Kid, a post apocalyptic action flick peppered about with 80s nostalgia. Andrew starts things off with Mouse: A Post-Apocalyptic Short Story. Anything but meek and quiet, Mouse is a girl who’s delivering more than just her mail in a bygone future. Jeronimo champions another entry in the Conan-inspired, apocalyptic, fantasy, Gunthar series with Gunthar and the Purple Priestess of Asshtar.  MangaMatt closes with a graphic novel coming from somewhere between a Friday night, drive-in B movie, and a Saturday morning cartoon with American Barbarian.

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