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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Grind Pulp FICTION Podcast Episode 39.5 - Second Place Is The First Casualty

In this companion episode, the GPP take a victory lap to talk about some choice sci-fi, apocalyptic, racing fiction. It's not often everyone can pair a story that fits the theme of the movie pick, and it’s even more rare that they're all prime grind pulp picks. Jeronimo starts off with Along the Scenic Route, a story about a family man squaring off against a punk kid driver, both decked out with weapon-mounted battle wagons.  Andrew slips in next with The Racer, a tale about a cross-country race where contestants score points with acts of violence. One racer that has a crisis of conscience.  Towing the line is MangaMatt with his sci-fi, manga pick Ashen Victor, which is about a racer obsessed with crashing on the track and struggles to find purpose in anything else.  Take a pit stop on this REDLINE companion episode to find out what Andrew's movie pick with be for the next Grind Pulp Podcast.

3 Feature Story Picks:
Along The Scenic Route - by Harlan Ellison - found in the Ellison anthology “Deathbird Stories”

The Racer - by Ib Melchior - found in "Reel Future: The Stories that Inspired 16 Classic Science Fiction Movies"

Ashen Victor - by by Yukito Kishiro

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