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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Grind Pulp Podcast Episode 41.5 - Kaiju Monster Mahem

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Returning from 20000 fathoms come the grind pulp fiction picks for the Monsters: Dark Continent companion episode. MangaMatt presents a story featuring Godzilla and one man’s fifty year history fighting the king of monsters. Andrew pulls us into another dimension of parallel universes, nightmares, and plague dogs in Juggernaut. Jay closes us out with Peace with Honor, a story pick from the Monster Earth, in which the atomic age has bred us a entirely different kind of WMD, Kaiju with the ability to level cities. Listen in to this episode for black hole cannons, giant Vietnamese bats, and terrors from beyond our dimension.
Feature Fiction Picks: 
Juggernaut - by C.J. Henderson, from the anthology Stomping Grounds 
Peace With Honor - by Fraser Sherman, from the anthology and world of Monster Earth

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