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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Grind Pulp Podcast Episode 45 - From Dusk till Dawn, or Grind till Pulped

Returning once again to their favorite stomping grounds, the children of the nightbreed sway listeners with their haunting rants and incantations. First starts the lowdown, with Jeromino having a lapse in memory. The latest trailer for GET OUT is covered. MangaMatt rekindles his love of Mignola works, and talks up the Witchfinder comic series. Andrew concludes the lowdown, jamming in newer movies he's watched about his two favorite things: grease and strangulation. 
Following the lowdown, the gang discuss LUKE CAGE. Is it too black? Is it not black enough? Why does the RZA make Andrew want to beat up white people? The answers shouldn't surprise you. 
Feature Presentation Time! 1996 action/horror From Dusk Till Dawn. Too much tequila is consumed. It's a race to inebriation as the grind pulp gang quest through a TEX/MEX/Vampire shootout of ill proportions. Shit gets epic, with discussions moving through the From Dusk till Dawn sequels and the television series, and words begin to slurr. It’s their most alcohol-soaked episode yet, for better or worse!

Feature Presentation: From Dusk till Dawn (1996) directed by Robert Rodriguez
Extras: From Dusk till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money, From Dusk till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter, and From Dusk till Dawn (television series)

Tune in after the discussion to find out the next grind pulp movie pick. It's one you've all been preying for!

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