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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Grind Pulp Podcast Episode 04 - Nazis!

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In this episode Andrew and Jeronimo discuss three short stories and three movies. James was ill disposed, out on a death defying adventure. Andrew sits back and lets Jeronimo delve deep into his overly critical rant on Inglorious Basterds, a fine movie you should all check out if you haven’t already.

Luckily Jeronimo isn’t around to counter that statement. I don’t have time to send these show notes his way for any sort of team consensus. - Andrew

Short Stories:
1.     Topless Vampire Bitches of the SS (in Pulp Ink 2) – Christopher Black
2.     The Brown Bomber and the Nazi Werewolves of the SS (in Curse of the Full Moon) – Matt Vene
3.     BPRD 1946 – Mike Mignola and

1.     Dead Snow
2.     Iron Sky
3.     Inglorious Basterds

Follow Andrew Crevier on Instagram for up to the minute (day?) pics from the land of the rising sun. He’s staying with old people. They don’t have interwebs. Uploads will be made from a basement at Kamiooka station, Starbucks in Totsuka, Odaiba, and various locals in Tokyo. A Susperia themed bar and another horror themed bar are to be hit up as well as a retro arcade in Odaiba, Hanayashikii urban theme park, Takoyaki museum, and etc.

Please excuse the lack of hyperlinks to all of the covered material. We'll make up for it on the next episode, or if I get time between yakitori, beer, and ramen tasting - I'll see what I can do.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Grind Pulp Podcast Episode 03 - Slap Yo Mamma

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Don’t slap your mamma, but do listen to our third episode of the Grind Pulp Podcast. Anything goes in this episode as we discuss three short stories and three very different films.

1.    A Good Day to Die (from Blood and Tacos #4) by Brad Mengel
2.    Tassels of Terror a Bubba the Monster Hunter Short Story by John Hartness
3.    Shelter (from Zombie Pulp) by Tim Curran

1.    The Car (1977)
2.    Ninja Scroll (1993)
3.    John Dies at the End (2012)

Andrew revisits his feelings toward the Better Off Undead podcast. Apparently Johnny B Truant doesn’t care for John Carpenter films. What???

 James explores his unbridled love of all the movies he grew up with, a passion that led him to recommend Time Rider and The Car.

Jeronimo waxes poetic on the use of comic relief in horror stories. A redneck monster hunter, dimwitted strippers, beer, and a werewolf weren’t enough to make him giggle? He’s not laughing. He needs a hug.

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