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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Grind Pulp Podcast Episode 20.5 - Megaton Robots & Sushi

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With MECHANICAL VIOLATOR HAKAIDER in mind, we each pull a prime pick of pulpy storytelling from our libraries. MangaMatt serves up some chop-sake sushi action with GET JIRO! by Anthony Bordain and Joel Rose.  Jeronimo follows up with a choice New Pulp adventure, IRON MONSTERS OF DEATH by Joel Jenkins, from the anthology ROBOTS UNLEASHED. Closing out, Andrew shows us a distorted dystopia where androids serve ice cream and priests are our only salvation from the zombie threat in MESSIAH 2.0 by Robert T. Jeschonek. All three of these stories are highly recommended by us.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

GRIND PULP PODCAST Episode 20 - Mechanical Violator Hakaider

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Mecha Sushi Mayhem!
In this episode of the Grind Pulp Podcast, we’ll be taking a look at MECHANICAL VIOLATOR HAKAIDER, the thing Robocop checks under his bed for. 
Andrew has a Bone to Pick with Matt in a new segment.
On the Lowdown, Jeronimo’s been catching up on some of the latest movies, including KNIGHTS OF THE DEAD. Manga Matt gushes about the scifi, dystopian manga BLAME!, and Andrew mentions his latest movie viewings. 
After our feature presentation discussion, listen in to hear what flicks each of us have kicking around on our personal top ten Grind Pulp movie lists.
It’s Manga Matt’s movie pick! His film topic de jure, MECHANICAL VIOLATOR HAKAIDER. Can style and over-the-top special effects trump slim servings of substance? Jump in to find out.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Grind Pulp Podcast Episode 19.5 - ConCarolinas 2014 Short Story Podcast

Welcome to our long overdue podcast focusing on short works of fiction we compiled prior to ConCarolinas 2014. The convention is now in the past, but you may want to listen in as we discuss these five short stories. If you just like to listen to our movie discussions, look out for Grind Pulp Podcast Episode 20 - Mechanical Violator Hakaider.
Story Selections:
Sickened – Tonia Brown, in D.O.A. Extreme Horror Anthology
Ingenue – Alexandra Christian
Bone Magic – Stuart Jaffe
Meathouse Man – George R.R. Martin
Listen in to find out which of these stories we thought was the most Grind Pulp and to find out if we unearth any hidden gems you should check out.
Look for our next episode soon. If you’d like to get a jump on things, we’ll be covering the movie: MECHANICAL VIOLATOR HAKAIDER
In the companion podcast, we’ll be talking: GET JIRO, MESSIAH 2.0, and Iron Monsters of Death