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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Grind Pulp Podcast Episode 30 - ATTACK THE MUTHAFUCKIN’ BLOCK

Join the Grind Pulp Podcast Crew as they slice and dice their way through a mountain of huge, alien, wolf mutha-fuckas to get to the heart of the 2011 film, ATTACK THE BLOCK. What weapon would you choose to fight against an alien invasion? Look around and pick the nearest weapon, lace up your sneakers, and jump on your bicycle. It’s time to bring the mayhem. Tune in to find out how this urban alien invasion flick scores on the Grind-Pulp-O-Meter.

Feature Presentation: Attack the Block (2011) written and directed by Joe Cornish

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Grind Pulp Podcast Episode 29.5 - Fangs, Fantasy, and Firearms!

The Grind Pulp Podcast Crew sink their fangs into three short tales of varying volumes of vampire verbage (Did you just do that, Matt? Yes, yes I did). MangaMatt's pick shows that even the best writers start somewhere, with an early entry into the Hellboy library. Andrew serves up a raw and unique vampire pulp tale that breeds heavy discussion and much intrigue for all likewise authors looking to cut their teeth in the world of digital pulp tales. Not to be outdone, Jeronimo comes out with both guns blazing as he hits us with a short but gratifying tale from the weird and wild west. 

Story Picks:
The Red-Headed Dead - by Joe R. Lanesdale from The Deadman's Hand: An Anthology of the Weird West
Tune in to find out the our next Feature Presentation Pick!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Grind Pulp Podcast Episode 29 - Get to the Chiroptera!

The Grind Pulp Podcast delves again into the macabre and manic with MangaMatt's pick, "Blood: The Last Vampire".  A short slice of animated action and ardent.  Is the movie more style over substance?  If it is, is that a bad thing?  MangaMatt waxes the digital effects and the legacy the film garners, while Jeronimo and Andrew discuss the movie's unique choice of setting and story-telling angles.  Shakespeare said, "Brevity is the soul of whit," and the Grind Pulp Crew put this maxim to the test to find out if minimal dialogue and plot can achieve maximum satisfaction.
Feature Presentation:

BLOOD: The Last Vampire (2000) directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo